Argos Contact Number: 0345 640 2020


To report undelivered items or problems with a deliver phone the Argos home delivery number: 0345 640 2020. Another popular number for contacting Argos is the store queries number which you can use to check if an item can be purchased in a high street store and for enquiries about opening times of a local store. The store queries number is: 0345 640 3030. On this page we will give a detailed breakdown of the main Argos contact numbers and what they can be used for.

The new Argos store located in Bradley Stoke, Bristol

The new Argos store located in Bradley Stoke, Bristol


Argos are an established high street catalogue retailer that have had a huge presence in the British high street retail markets since the 70s. Before Argos shopping from a catalogue meant sending off for something through the post and waiting for it to be delivered; Argos changed all this by allowing customers to look through the catalougues and choose an item in-store and then order it at the counter. This benefited Argos because they could save on display space and also the customer who could search for a product in their catalogue at home and then order it quickly in-store. On this page we will provide all relevant phone contact details concerning your Argos shopping experience, deliveries and cancellations, plus we will provide phone contact details for customers wishing to contact Argos concerning their Argos store card or Argos Mastercard.

Like may of the major high street retailers – such as Sainsburys, Tesco and John Lewis – argos have recently started providing insurance services. They now provide a range of insurance options for travel, jewellery, pet, mobile phone and even breakdown cover for your car. On this page we will also provide detailed telephone contact details for customers of Argos Insurance.

Argos Store Contact Numbers

*All the Argos store lines provided on this page are open seven days a week; phone beween 8am and 10pm Monday to Saturday and between 10am and 6pm at the weekend.

General Enquiries you should phone the Argos customer service line on 0345 640 303g0. On this number you will be able to make a complaint should you wish to do so, enquire about availability of products in store and find out about opening hours for your local store.

Home Delivery enquiries and Cancellations Number – If you are concerned about a delivery you have ordered that has not arrived or arrived in less than ideal conditon then you can contact Argos on 0345 640 2020 to request information on the whereabouts of your product or arrange a return and refund.

Audio CD Request – Argos provide a copy of their catalogue in audio CD format for customers who are blind or partially sighted. A copy of the audio catalogue can be requested by phoning Argos on 01474 862 737.

Argos Card Numbers

*Lines for Argos store cards including the Master Card are open between 8am-10pm Monday to Saturday and again on Sunday between 10am and 6pm.

If you hold either an Argos store card or an Argos Master Card then you should be aware of the following Argos contact numbers.

Argos Store Card – You can apply for an Argos store card on the payments page as you go through an online purchase or you can request one when you make a payment for a product in one of Argos’s high street stores. If you encounter any difficulties with your Argos card, or to apply for an Argos store card phone 03456 400 700.

Argos MasterCard
The Argos website informs customers that at present they are not accepting MasterCard applications. However if you already possess an Argos MasterCard then you can contact Argos on 0330 099 3001 to discuss any aspect of your account.

Argos Insurance

Argos provides insurance for a number of purposes as advertised on the Argos website with contact numbers. We provide details of these insurance schemes, including a customer service contact number and a claims number, below.

Pet Insurance – Enquire about getting your pet insured under an Argos policy by phoning the Argos Pet Insurance customer service team on 0345 078 5000. The same number can be used to make a claim on your insurance.

Travel Insurance – Contact the Argos Travel insurance team on 0800 422 0381 to enquire about taking out insurance on your next holiday or trip abroad. You can also contact Argos on 0800 422 0381 to make a claim on your travel insurance.

Car Insurance – Phone 0800 214 2561 to enquire about taking up Argos car insurance or to claim on an existing policy.