Apple iPad Contact Number: 0800 107 6285

Customer Service

Call Apple on 0800 107 6285 from a UK landline or mobile phone for customer support and enquiries about your iPad.

I recently called this number because I had recieved an email – a receipt – apparently from Amazon stating that, through my Apple store account, I had purchased a Netflix 15 plan for £35.95. This was a source of concern because at that time I had not used my iPad for a number of days, so I immediatelly suspected phishing or some other type of fould play. Therefore I decided to ring Amazon to check if any money had been recieved by the from my iPad account. Fortunately they told me that they had no record of any purchase. They also gave me the nuymber, above, so I could check with Apple if they had any records of any purchases. Apple were exremely helpful and they advised me to change my Apple Id and password and that they had no record of any purchases. Although the number you call is a free from landline UK number, your call will be taken in Ireland where Apple have their European base.

You can also call the Apple number for other iPad support including: technical, information about services and advice on products.

Technical Support

Apple offer full and comprehensive telephone support for all their products including their iPads. This support can be accessed by phoning them on 0800 107 6285, a free to call number from landlines and iPads. When you call they will ask you for a customer care number, if you dont have one just say no or press 2. It will help if you have the serial numbern of your iPad to hand and the make, so they can direct your call to teh appropriate team. When you get through to the support team you can explain your issus to the team and get support.

They will also give assistance in setting up support such as parental controls and information for first time iPad users who are not sure the steps necessary to get your machine working.

Furthermore you can get advice about and help to set up an iTunes, iCloud, and iStore.

Apple Store

If you have bought your iPad or iPad product in a high street store then of course you can just contact or go into the store directly with any sales queries. However if you decide to buy online or over the phone then you can speak to Apple directly to buy or query a purchase you ahve already made. Purchase or get information about an iPad product from the Apple Online store by calling Apple on 0800 048 0408 between 08.00 and 21.00 Monday to Friday and 09.00 and 18.00 on Saturday and Sundays. You can then track and modify your order on the same number, however there is a specialist line for returns: 0800 058 2222.

Customers buying in bulk for a business should contact the Apple Store for Business number on 0800 058 2222.

iPads are increasingly being used in primary, secondary and other UK educational institutions, if you wish to contact apple about purchasing iPads for your school then call 0800 912 0207 for information on buy in bulk reductions, to cerate an account for your school and to get advice.

Apple for Business

Business customer who would like to furnish their company with Apple products and services can contact Apple on 0800 058 2222. Services include the Joint Venture program where Apple offer specialist training and advice and online technical support for employees of businesses that purchase Apple products. You can also phone this number to find the contact details of independent IT companies that have been approved by Apple to give specialist technical assistance and support. These days iPads are being used by all types of businesses, escpecially in the service sector where it is rare to walk into a shop, hotel, restaurant or casino and not find at leats one member of staff using an iPad to aid their customer service provisions. You can also find iPads in use in doctors surgeries, dental hospitals and all other types of healthcare providers. They are also now providing a launch pad for our children into the world of technology.

Apple for Education

Educational institutions wishing to introduce iPads as a teaching tool within their classrooms should call apple on 0800 912 0207 to enquire about signing up for the Apple Education Online Store. You will be given your own login details and will be able to access deals for customers buying in bulk and also a great range of information and advice on how to effectively introduce iPads into your classroom. One great idea is to utilise some of the video making apps so that you can encourage your students to make reloe plays. This can be used with particular effectiveness in the modern EFL classroom.


Phone 0800 048 0754 to find out about a range of products and services that will aid accessibility for individual iPad users, employees, and educational instituions.