iPad Deals

Although the newest iPads will be expensive wherever you decide to buy them from there are several options you can consider in 2017 if you want to get the best deal on your new iPad in 2017. On this page we will help you assess some of the best deals available in 2017 to buy an iPad online or in a shop. Therefore we have divided the page into two sections: deals for iPads in high street stores, and deals for iPads online.

2017 128GB iPad

High Street Deals – The price for the new 128GB 9’7” 2017 iPad remains fairly static with most high street stores including John Lewis, Currys, Argos and the Apple store retailing the product at £429.00. We can expect this price to lower in the coming months but for now if you are looking for a better deal you will have to buy one online.

Online Deals – The 2017 128GB iPad is actually more expensive to buy online from Amazon than it is in many of the high street stores. At present Amazon are retailing the model at £439.95 with free UK delivery. One online deal worth shouting about is offered by eGlobal Central who are curently offering the machine for £372.99 plus £8.50 delivery charge. The only problem with this deal that we could identify is that the company website is very annoying with pop ups appearing at every opportunity.

2017 Apple 32GB 9’7” iPad

High Street Store – The price for this model is a fairly static £339.00 from shops like Currys PC World. Currys also offer a price match guarantee on this product to ensure that you wont find a better deal elsewhere. This price match can be activated up to seven days after you have bought the product.

Deals Online – In fact the cheapest major deal we could find from a major online retailer for the new 32GB Apple iPad was £399.99 from eBay. It seems the best place to biy this device is in-store from Currys PC World.

2017 iPad Pro Deals

High Street Deals – The new high range iPad is an expensive machine with top price coming in at £819 from Currys, Argos, and the Apple Store. However if you are willing to look arond you will find some deals, for example Debenhams Plus are selling the same product for £785. However the best deals are to be found online.

Deals Online – The cheapest deals for this product are offered by eBay who are retailing the product at just £644.99. Be aware though that due to high demand theie stocks are quite limited.

iPad Air 2

High Street Stores – The price for this product is the same in Tesco, Argos and a range of oher high street stores. To get a good deal on this product you will have to shop online.

Deals Online – Amazon are selling this product at just £289.25 – a brilliant deal for this quality product.